ROAR Region 8 Outdoor Offroad Championships

Fastlane is hosting the ROAR Region 8 Offroad Championships for 8th scale nitro and electric buggy and truggy as well as 10th scale 4WD Short Course Trucks on August 23rd, 24th and 25th.

For ROAR Championships, all cars of a given type (example; nitro 8th scale buggy) typically run in a single class without being split into groups like Sportsman, Expert, etc. To provide recognition to driver's of various skill levels, Fastlane will be awarding trophies to the top 5 finishers in each Main. So even if you can't make the A Main against the top competition you'll have a chance to race for trophies against other racers who've qualified at a similar speed. We will seed the initial qualifying heats based on practice times and resort after the 2nd round of qualifying.

We've kept entry fees low for this 3 day event to encourage participation and partly offset the cost of ROAR membership which is required for this event. Weekend and annual memberships will be available at the track.

The event is available for signup now at


1/8th Scale Nitro Buggy
1/8th Scale Nitro Truggy
1/8th Scale Electric Buggy
1/8th Scale Electric Truggy
1/10th Scale 4WD Short Course


Friday, August 23rd - Shop opens at 11 AM. Practice from Noon to 9 PM.
Saturday, August 24th - Shop opens at 8 AM. Last chance practice from 8:30 to 9:30. Qualifying (best 2 of 4 rounds) begins at 10 AM.
Sunday, August 25th - Shop opens at 9 AM. Mains begin at 10 AM.

Entry Fees:
1st Class - $25
Additional Classes - $15
No discounts cards accepted for this event.

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