Transponder Compatibility at Fastlane

Many racers are aware that MyLaps (formerly AMB) has a virtual monopoly on RC scoring systems and transponders. Their only real competition has been a small company in England, MRT, which made transponders which were compatible with the MyLaps scoring systems.

MyLaps recently introduced a new, upgraded scoring decoder system and transponder. In part to try to push MRT out of the RC timing business, the newest MyLaps decoder system will not count existing MRT transponders. To force tracks to upgrade to their newest decoder systems they have also made it so that older MyLaps and AMB scoring decoder systems will not count the newest MyLaps RC4 transponder (easily identified because it has 3 wires instead of 2 as the older ones did). They are also discontinuing support for their older scoring systems.

This puts tracks and racers in a bind. As more and more racers purchase the newest RC4 transponder we will have problems with our older systems not being able to count these transponders. On the other hand, if we upgrade our systems, racers who are using existing MRT transponders won't be counted by the new system. MyLaps does offer a trade in program where MRT users can get a new RC4 transponder (3 wire type) at a heavily discounted price. But if your track hasn't upgraded then the RC4 won't count either.

MRT has already redesigned their transponders and they offer a new transponder which is compatible with the new MyLaps system as well as older MyLaps and AMB systems. They are also offering a trade-in program which requires the return of your existing MRT transponder but allows you to obtain a new MRT transponder at a significant discount.

Fastlane has decided we must upgrade our systems so that we are able to get service and support in the event we have a problem in the future and to be able to count the new MyLaps transponders. We are fortunate to have multiple systems so we will upgrade in steps which will allow us to continue to count existing MRT's for some time. But eventually all of our scoring systems will be updated to the new MyLaps system. When this upgrade is finished, older MRT transponders won't count on our new systems. But all MyLaps (or AMB) transponders will work with these new systems as will the new MRT transponder (PTXNS).

To help racers with this transition we have made arrangements with MRT to do the exchange program locally. Racers can exchange their existing MRT transponders for one of the new MRT transponders which are compatible with the new MyLaps systems here at Fastlane for $40. These transponders will be compatible with old and new MyLaps (AMB) scoring systems so they should work at all tracks using MyLaps (AMB) scoring systems. The new MRT (PTXNS) transponder will also be available for $85 w/o exchange. We expect our first shipment of these new MRT transponders to arrive very soon.

Racers have the following options:

1. Racers with red personal transponders with only 2 wires exiting the transponder do not need to do anything. Your transponders are either AMB or older MyLaps transponders and should work fine on both old and new timing decoder boxes.

2. Racers with red personal transponders with 3 wires have the new RC4 MyLaps transponder and this will work only at tracks who have updated their timing decoder box.

3. Racers with black transponders or other original MRT transponders must upgrade in order to have the transponder count at tracks with the upgraded MyLaps system. You can do this a number of ways:

a. Ship your MRT transponder to MRT in England for an updated MRT which works with old and new decoders and pay $32 plus $15 in return freight and freight to get it there.

b. Trade in your MRT transponder at Fastlane for $40 plus tax.

c. Trade in your MRT transponder to MyLaps and pay $82.46 plus shipping for an RC4 Hybrid which will work on old and new decoders.

d. Trade in your MRT transponder to MyLaps and pay $35.98 for an RC4 transponder (3 wire type) which will only work at tracks with an upgraded decoder.

We apologize for the inconvenience, confusion and expense created by MyLaps business policies. In the end, tracks will have little choice except to upgrade or they won't be able to count the many racers buying the new MyLaps RC4 transponder. This creates an expense for tracks and racers alike which benefits no one but MyLaps.

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