Outdoor Season Ending October 14th

Indoor racing, outdoor racing. Who's doing what?
It's that time of year where confusion abounds surrounding our racing program. The weather may be good enough to race outside. It may not. Who knows and who can plan?
To reduce the confusion, it is time to put end dates up for outdoor racing.
For our outdoor offroad racing, we will be prepared to race for 2 more Friday nights (Oct 3rd & 10th) depending on interest and weather. After that we will not schedule outdoor racing until the spring. The track will be available for practice during daylight hours but we will not be performing routine maintenance each week as we do during the summer.
For outdoor dirt oval racing, we will race for 2 more Tuesday nights following completion of our points series tonight (Oct 7 & 14). As is the case with the outdoor offroad track, the dirt oval will be available for practice during daylight hours after those dates.
Our thanks to everyone who raced with us this outdoor season as well as to the guys who build and maintain our tracks, Spencer, Anthony, Chad, et all.

(sticky) Sep 30th, 2014 (3:14 PM)