Racers Selected for 2014 JConcepts Invitational

Let's have a drum roll please as we announce the list of racers for the 4th Annual JConcepts Winter Indoor Shootout and Invitational at Fastlane on November 14, 15 & 16.

These 24 racers will compete in a Reedy style event in 2WD and 4WD that will be held as part of the JConcepts Winter Indoor Shootout. Racers in the Invitational portion will not be permitted to compete in the regular 2WD & 4WD Mod Buggy classes (but may compete in others). They will use controlled tires (JConcepts Dirt Webs in green compound with standard white inserts). One set will be included with their entry.

The racers are:

Jared Tebo
Cody Hollis
Trevor Nault
Michael Twilling
Zach Phillips
Nate Jaskot
Al Horne
Aydin Horne
Austin Horne
Chad Parks
Jeremy Cathlina
Eric Larsen
Taylor Larsen
Cody Jandrakovic
Matt Gosch
Brandon Hisel
Mitchell Gardner
Nick Gibson
Chad Karstens
Taylor Timmerman
Dave Alberico
Joe Walters
Fred Kropf
Josh Weichens

Keith Pearson
Mike Garrison

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