Outdoor Offroad Track Opening

We’re on track for our first day of outdoor racing; Saturday, April 25th. Anthony, Arlynn and I had another productive afternoon (those guys did most of the actual work) raking rocks and dragging / packing the track. We plan at least one more round of drag and pack then we’ll put the pipe down to create pit lane and we should be good to go for Saturday.

A couple of reminders. We’ll switch to our summer schedule this Saturday. We will still open at 10:30 AM but racing will not start until 4:30. We will continue to be closed on Friday’s except for special events. If we are rained out on the outdoor track we will race all the electric classes indoors with the same starting time.

We will run all 10th scale and 8th scale classes on the outdoor track, weather permitting. The only time we will race on the indoor track will be when we are rained out on the outdoor track.

(sticky) Apr 21st, 2015 (5:57 PM)