I want to provide an update on the schedule for our offroad tracks for the next couple of weeks at Fastlane.

We will be changing the layout of our outdoor offroad track in order to get ready for the ROAR Region 8 10th Scale Offroad Championship Final on October 2nd & 3rd. The work on the new layout will begin after racing Saturday, September 26th. As a result, the offroad track will be closed beginning Sunday until the rebuild is complete. We hope to be able to race on it on Wednesday, September 30. There will be no practice on the outdoor track on Thursday, October 1st. As noted, we will be hosting the ROAR Regional on October 2nd & 3rd.

We also need to do some work on the back wall of the indoor track. After several years it is showing signs of rot from the constant contact with wet dirt. The plan is to replace the wood wall with concrete block. We will begin this work following the Regional race and the indoor track will be closed during the work. Right now I expect to close the indoor track on or about September 30th and expect to reopen the track around October 19th. As a result, we will continue racing offroad outdoors through October 17th. While the indoor track is closed; we will turn on the lights at night for those who want to practice on the outdoor track.

We are certainly open to having help with the rebuild of the back wall, especially if any of our racers have experience working with concrete block. Iíll provide more detail on the work schedule later.

(sticky) Sep 24th, 2015 (8:21 PM)